Odds and Ends

odds-and-endsWe keep saying it, but the advent of the Internet, smart devices, and social media have connected us in ways unimaginable a few decades ago.  At the same time, these have inundated us with countless bits of information, messages and data to triage, save, forward or discard as we see fit. Nonetheless, we hope you will find the curated collection of healthcare links below, to be both interesting and useful.  

Save a Life:  How to use the Health App on iPhones to upload your health data (or someone else’s) for accessibility in an emergency.

Don’t Skip Lunch:  They say “you are what you eat”..and that means at work especially using five easy steps.

No Rain On This Parade:  When a mother couldn’t attend her daughter’s wedding…the wedding came to her ALF.  Grab the tissues for this one.

“The Muppets Go Healthcare”:  Sesame Ventures is investing in pediatric healthcare startups beginning at SXSW.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come:  “Time outs” in Nurse Renewal Rooms benefit the professional and the patient.

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