Show Them The ♥… COTAs Are #1

cotas-are-number-1U.S. News and World Report just named its “Best Health Care Support Jobs”, and Occupational Therapy Assistant took first place!  That COTAs were ranked #1 on this list may not come as a surprise to some of you, but what might is that higher demand will result in approximately 14,000 new positions in the next 8 years.  But why wait?  Centra has great COTA positions available now nationwide!

In the meantime, we think February is the perfect month to convey your love and appreciation these hard-working professionals and here are five ideas how to do it:


Success is Sweet: A unique and personal way to congratulate one or more of your coworkers, friends or family

Tasteful Bragging: A subtle and fashionably on trend way to proclaim their ranking

Membership Has Its Privileges: Nothing says support like underwriting their professionalism

Variety is the Spice of Life: Thoughtful monthly gifts you handpick just for them

One Good Deed Deserves Another: Help someone get a great job and in turn help yourself

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