Nurses … The Mothers of Invention

five inventions by nursesNurses have learned all too well that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and some have come up with simple but ingenious tools to better care for their patients.  At the inaugural White House Maker Faire, held June 18, 2014, a nurse-innovator was among the  honorees.  Roxanna Reyna, an RNC-NIC at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX, developed a skin and wound dressing for infants from adult-sized bandages, sponges and tapes. Ms. Reyna is part of MIT’s Little Devices Lab’s “MakerNurse Program” which provides a venue for nursing professionals to bring their creations to the marketplace.  The program has had success in other sectors, and is now turning its to the stealth creativity of its nursing profession.  Here are five nurse created devices that are no longer flying under the radar: 

  1. Colorsafe IV Lines:  Terri Barton Salinas and Gail Barton-Hay, RN sisters, invented these brightly color coated IV lines  to distinguish the often multiple ones attached to a single patient.  They are proving to significantly reduce the over 7,000 medication errors that occur annually with the more common clear tubing.
  2. NoNo Sleeve:  Also aimed at reducing medical errors is the armband RN Jill Drew invented as a result of her father’s hospital stay.  The bright-red accessory protects existing arteriovenous fistulas from potentially harmful medical procedures.
  3. ECT Gown:  Likewise, a family health crisis propelled Critical Care Nurse, Chantale Trouillot to rethink the traditional patient hospital gown.  Her version ensures patient modesty while allowing for the performance of medical procedures through various slits and pockets integrated into the garment.
  4. GoGown: In this day and age, hospital acquired infections are as much of a concern to patients as patient’s modesty.   Ginny Porowski’s integral wrap gown  and gloves easily and safely self-wraps reducing waste volume and contamination of people and the environment.
  5. Lotus Stethoscope Holster:  For Sarah Mott, RN it was even more personal when cervical pain forced a medical leave.  The injury from years of carrying a heavy stethoscope around her neck led to this simple device and the creation of NurseBorn helping other nurses take their products to market.

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