Every Travel Healthcare Pro Needs a Little App-iness in Their Life

Every Travel Healthcare Pro Needs a Little App-iness in Their LifeThe life of a travel therapist or nurse is filled with rewarding assignments, stimulating work environments and financial perks not always available to permanent employees.  These positions are challenging enough without having to worry about making those travel arrangements,  keeping track of expenses, and acclimating to a new location. Luckily for all of us, technology has made pencil and paper almost a thing of the past, along with making travel arrangements much easier, and thus more enjoyable.  Here are six thrifty apps that we think will facilitate your journeys:

  1. Log Location:  Save locations and track fuel and mileage for your reimbursements with two taps of a finger. $.99
  2. Travel-Log: Note your favorite experiences and places in each locale.  You can even attach pictures and share your experiences with colleagues and family. Free
  3. Travellers Suitcase:  A handy inventory system for packing, as well as a great organizational tool for all your travel info, important contacts and more. $.99
  4. TripWeather:  Travelling by car or RV? Get a customized weather report for your route at 25-50 mile intervals.  Helps avoid any hazardous conditions or traffic issues. Free
  5. Travool:  This will keep the kids entertained and educated while travelling, no matter the method.  They can even keep a diary of their trip for future school projects.  $1.99
  6. Pet Care Services Finder:  Don’t forget your four-legged friends!  Find the nearest vet, doggie daycare, pet store and more in your new city with just a click.  Free

We think these apps are guaranteed to enhance your travel experience. Whether you are a freshman or seasoned travel healthcare professional, Centra has exciting career opportunities for you across the nation that are just a phone call away at 800 535 0076!

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