DC is 2015 Top City for Cardiac Nurses

“It All Starts in DC” for Nurses

2015topNursinJobsInDCAmong its other distinctions, Washington, D.C. has the highest wine consumption per capita, the third lowest obesity rate and the second highest rate of health insurance coverage in the nation.  Nonetheless, it is somehow fitting to note as we celebrate “American Heart Month” in February, that our nation’s capital has also led in preventable deaths due to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Since first noted in a 2010 CDC report, D.C. has been making great strides to reduce the number of mortalities, although they still remain above average.  It is probably no coincidence that  D.C. also leads the country in the average salaries paid to cardiovascular nurses ($79,000). While a high paying job may be strong incentive to relocate, Washington, D.C. has much more to offer its residents.  Beyond the White House and Capitol… beyond world-renowned monuments and museums… lies a high quality work/life balance environment for nurses and their families.

Where else can you visit the animals of the National Zoo, explore the stars up close at Rock Creek Park Planetarium, or see how your money is printed at the Bureau Of Engraving and Printing…and all for free?  Where else in one spot can you find a top five shopping mall and a new metrorail system that are both revitalizing the local economy than at  Tyson’s Corner ?  Where else for two weeks straight can you see, hear and taste the friendship between two nations, except at the Cherry Blossom Festival each spring? Where else can your children receive innovative and internationally competitive educations than at BASIS Charter Schools and Georgetown Law? Where else can you see an assassin’s bullet still embedded in Abraham Lincoln’s skull at The National Museum of Health and Medicine and a tiny piece of the moon embedded in a stain glass window at The National Cathedral?  In short, where else can you live in what Forbes has termed the “#1 Coolest City in America” for 2014?

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