Education is at the “Heart” of the Matter for PTs

educationistheheatofthematterA 2011 University of Findlay, OH survey noted that while most physical therapists support cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention behaviors in theory, many do not put it into practice, especially when it comes to patient education regarding medications, BMI etc. The work concluded that CVD patient education was practiced more by APTA Cardiopulmonary (CP) section members and by academics, than by non section and outpatient PTs. Though by no means comprehensive in its scope/number of respondents, the assumption being made is that continuing education on this topic the results in practitioners who are better in both the treatment and prevention of CP diseases. Could it be that simple? Obviously correlating evidence is needed, but here are five continuing education opportunities that we think are apropo for American Heart Month and cardiovascular PTs. These are great opportunities to enhance your knowledge in this specialty and maybe earn some CEUs in the process:

  1. “Vital Signs”, APTA CP Section, audio conference.
  2. “Preventive Cardiology”, February 22- March 1, 2015, cruise from Puerto Rico.
  3. “Disease Management Models for Physical Therapists” February 26, 2015 webinar.
  4. “New Cardiovascular Horizons” New Orleans, May 27-29, 2015 conference.
  5. “The Cardiac Patient: Reaching Full Potential Safely”, Denver, November 8-9, 2015 seminar.

Centra Healthcare would like to hear the experiences of Cardiovascular PTs in the field. Does/would continuing education in this specialty impact your patient education practices? Leave a comment on our Facebook page. Looking for an outstanding opportunity nationwide in this specialty? Contact one of our industry experts at 800 535 0076 today!

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