Never Skip A Beat: 3 Inspirational Quotes to Have a Healthy Heart

3 Inspirational Quotes to Have a Healthy HeartBeing the most vital part of the human body, the heart remains the common focus of most technologies today to make sure it is in perfect shape. As part of the celebration of Heart month in February, we want to inspire you on how you can maintain your healthy heart by providing you with inspirational quotes that come with effective tips to keep your heart beating to right beat.

“Always keep your SMILE. That’s how I explain my long life”
Smiling is always prescribed to reduce stress, however it has been also known and proved by various studies to also to be “good for the heart.” According to an article published by The Telegraph in 2012, researchers have found that you can lower your heart rate even after recovering from stressful activities only by smiling. Dr. Pressman, who was one of the head researchers, noted that “The next time you are stuck in traffic or are experiencing some other type of stress you might try to hold your face in a smile for a moment.”

“WORK OUT your own salvation. Do not depend on others” 
There’s no better way to keep a fit heart, other than sticking to a healthy lifestyle and adding more workout and exercise regimen in your daily schedule. There were six physicians’ prescribed exercises to keep the blood pumping, as suggested by Best Health Mag. Based on American Heart Association (AHA), an adult must at least have a 30-minute moderate aerobic activity for at least five days in a week, with a total of 150 minutes weekly. For those who aim to lower their cholesterol and blood pressure, the AHA prescribes an average of 40 minutes in three to four times weekly of moderate to intense aerobics. Aerobics or not, adding more physical activities daily will help keep our heart healthy.

“Care comes first” 
With the assistance of technology, we are able to assist, monitor, and track our health instantly without the need to go to the nearest hospital for a check up. It’s best to acknowledge these assistance as it makes keeping up with our health more efficient, effective, and quicker. There are upcoming technologies such as Google and Novarti’s Smart Contact Lens that is said to have the ability to assist people with diabetes by providing their blood sugar quickly. Some companies and government bodies are also working together to provide health assistance, such as O2 and the National Health Agency (NHA). In the United Kingdom, they’ve provided elderly the O2 Health Monitor that allows the patient to send emergency signals to the nearest hospitals and its family members when they need quick assistance. These types of health assistance will highly avoid any detrimental effects to the patient, especially the elderly, when an unexpected attack happens.

Let’s not only focus on the heart, but on the mind as well. We hope this list of inspirational quotes will get you going to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

By Jenni Birch
Exclusively submitted to Centra Healthcare Solutions

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