Why Post-Interview Feedback Matters

Why Post-Interview Feedback MattersThis month, Daniel Jones, editor of the New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, gave a scathing but thought provoking assessment of online dating and relationships.  He bewails the loss of vulnerability and physicality that characterize face-to-face romance in favor of what he calls “arms length” interactions. Technology, he contends, is the “villain” in all this. Clearly technology is changing the way human beings interact… but “arms length” interactions are not always to our detriment.  Video calling technology, for instance, enables corporations to hold real-time conferences with far-flung branches and doctors to treat critically ill patients in underserved or remote communities.  Human interaction is no longer limited by geographical boundaries or time zones, so a rehab professional in Maine can now interview for a position in Hawaii without having to take two flights to get there.

Mr. Jones is right in saying that technology can not fully replace the “human touch”, especially when it comes to feedback.  It doesn’t matter if the feedback is from a potential boyfriend/girfriend or from a hiring manager.  With the use of Skype interviews on the rise, and increased competition for positions, employers often ignore post-interview assessments.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for one. Just remember that given the numerous variables influencing hiring decisions, it often comes down to splitting hairs between two qualified candidates.  Nonetheless feedback of any kind can help you “tweak” your performance and therefore worth pursuing.

Using the services of a professional staffing company is often the best means of insuring feedback. These firms generally have exclusive and well-established relationships with employers and their hiring managers.  By using a staffing company you gain an “inside track” on post-interview reactions, as well as on the rest of the interview process. A quality staffing company can be your key to a successful employment search.  Want to test that theory?  Contact the Centra Team of industry experts today at 800 535 0076.

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