CVD at the Movies

CVD at the moviesHollywood has given us some of the most iconic, if sometimes inaccurate, images of protagonists in the throes of a heart attack or slowly succumbing to cardiovascular disease (CVD).  For rehab professionals, the following 6 films, apart from their sheer entertainment value,  are educational opportunities to discuss heart attack /CVD symptoms, treatment and recovery.  So break out the popcorn, and in some cases, the tissues and enjoy!

  • Beaches (1988):  The Bette Midler/Barbara Hershey  tearjerker about a friendship that continues even after one of the protagonists succumbs to viral cardiomyopathy.
  • Heart Condition (1990):  A comedy-drama about a bigoted cop (Bob Hoskins) who receives the heart of a black lawyer (Denzel Washington) and is then “forced” to solve that man’s murder.
  • Return To Me (2000):  Widower David Duchovny can’t help falling in love with Minnie Driver only to discover that she is the recipient of his dead wife’s heart.
  • 21 Grams (2003):  The lives of Sean Penn, dying of heart failure, ex-con Benecio del Toro and happily married housewife Naomi Watts becoming entwined after a tragedy.
  • Something the Lord Made (2004):  A made for TV movie about “Blue Baby” heart surgery  pioneers Dr. Alfred Blalock and his black assistant Vivien Thomas. 
  • The Wrestler (2008): Mickey Rourke in his Oscar-nominated role as an over-the-hill wrestler who refuses to quit even after bypass surgery.

Things are not always as they seem in the movies.  Nonetheless, if you are a  PT, OT or RN currently rehabing heart patients, or just looking for new challenges in any specialty, call the healthcare employment experts at Centra 800 535 0076.  We will help your “star” to shine!

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