How Working as a Travel Therapist Could be Beneficial for Your Children

If you have children, have you considered that taking on travel therapist jobs might be great for them?

Many physical, occupational and speech therapists have families. Many also might think that taking on a travel therapist job could be a bad decision as they assume they’ll need to leave their spouse and children behind while on assignment.

This isn’t necessarily so.

Many travel therapy firms are happy to accommodate those OTs, PTs, and speech therapists with families. Many therapist staffing companies will find housing that accommodates families.

What’s more, traveling around the country with you as you take on assignments can be a terrific learning opportunity for your young ones.

Children are incredibly resilient when it comes to thriving in new situations, especially when they know their parents are with them on their journey.

If thinking of taking on travel therapist assignments, consider the benefits to your children:

  • They’ll meet new people, cultures and cities.
  • You’ll have the chance to take them to new museums, sports arenas and arts venues, exposing them to culture and knowledge with which they may not come into contact if they stay in the same place all the time.
  • They’ll make new friends at new schools.
  • They’ll become more accustomed to change — and if anything’s changing in our modern world, it’s the faster and faster pace of change.

If you’re concerned about moving your older children from school to school, you might be able to find temporary therapist positions close to your home (or at least close enough that you could come home on weekends).

Then, come summer, you could take a multiweek assignment in a location far from home and bring your spouse and children with you. What a terrific summer experience for your family!

Whether you’re single or whether you have a family, if you’d like more information about travel therapist assignments, contact Centra Healthcare Solutions. We’d enjoy speaking with you about the different travel therapist opportunities available to you. Contact us today!

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