The Different Types of Speech Therapy Jobs

If you’ve earned — or are thinking of earning — certification and licensure as a speech therapist, there are several different types of career paths you might take.

Here are a few:

1) Pediatric Speech Therapist. These therapists focus their speech therapy work solely on children. Children who have a hard time communicating need special exercises and treatment. Youngsters needing help with speaking may have trouble with pronunciation, fluency or language, making it difficult for them to understand or be understood by others. Pediatric speech therapists can work in schools, clinics, and hospitals, as well as in private companies, such as travel therapy services or even homes. Pediatric speech therapists may even work with infants who have difficulty swallowing or feeding.

2) Adult Speech Therapists. These therapists work with adults who have experienced trauma to their head or brain, or an illness that affects their speech. Stroke victims also often work with speech therapists to help them learn how to speak again. Adult speech therapists may work in rehab centers, hospitals, private settings and nursing homes, etc.

3) Management Positions. You may wish to take your career to another level by moving into management. You could work as a supervisor or manager in a rehab facility, nursing home, or a facility that deals with individuals with developmental delays, etc.

4) Travel Speech Therapists. These speech rehab specialists travel from facility to facility on a short-term basis (typically at least a 13 week assignment.) These types of therapy jobs are perfect for the therapist who wants to see the country and experience a wide range of rehab techniques and patients. Some therapists work as travel therapists for just a few months or years, while others make a career in the travel therapy sector.

If you’re a speech therapist and you’d like to explore the many opportunities working as a travel therapist can bring you, contact Centra Healthcare Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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