Travel Rehab Professionals: Look For a New Job in December

Why New PTs should TravelBetween Thanksgiving and New Year’s, America’s skies, highways, rails, bus lines and even waterways are crowded with people determined to celebrate with loved ones and/or take a much needed break from work. It is often assumed that organizations reduce their hiring activities in December ahead of the peak January-February season, but healthcare hirings continues to defy that prevailing wisdom.  A Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) October 2013 employment survey revealed that the sector averaged 17,000 new jobs/month this year with no signs of a slowdown.  Another online survey concluded that contract/temp hirings increased 15% over last year’s figures.  Add to that an uptick in permanent job placements and a decrease in applications, and the end of the year presents a unique opportunity to get a jump on your competition.

In a previous blog titled, Why New PT Grads Should Travel, we discussed why new Physical Therapists should consider contract/temporary positions.  Those same reasons are whether you are re-entering the field after an absence or a veteran rehab professional.  Contract positions enable you to be in control of your career rather than your employer.  They are resume, networking  and skills-building opportunities without the stigma usually associated with intermittent employment.  In December, healthcare facilities often find themselves short-handed as employees take time off, retire or quit, and then turn to travel rehab professionals to fill those gaps. In some cases these temporary positions lead to permanent hires, one more reason not to become complacent, slow or take a break from your employment search.  December maybe one of the best times to explore career options, especially with the guidance of the Centra Team of industry experts.  Call us at 800 535 0076 or download our mobile app and let us make this a “December to Remember” for you!

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