Top Ten Online Graduate Nursing Programs

Top Ten Online Graduate Nursing ProgramsWe all want a work-life balance that enables us to live up to our full potential.  Sometimes that includes continuing education, either formal or informal.  The growth of distance learning programs has made it possible for healthcare professionals to enhance their knowledge base, complete their degrees and expand their career options, without  having to give up their current positions.  Recently, U.S. News and World Report put out its rankings for graduate online nursing programs, and here are the top ten:

  1. Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI (MSN) : all graduate level, online course
  2. recorded and posted for easy access of materials.

  3. Lamar University, Beaumont, TX (MSN) : requires licensure but not practical nursing experience for admission.
  4. University of Michigan-Flint, Flint, MI (DNP) : tracks are available for both BSN and MSN degree holders with clinical courses arranged in the student’s area.
  5. Clarkson College, Omaha, NE (MSN) : practical nursing experience is required. With the exception of Nurse Anesthesia, all majors may be completed online.
  6. Graceland University, Independence, MO (MSN) and (DNP) : a leader in distance learning since 1988, MSN students are required to attend 2 on campus focus sessions.
  7. Loyola University New Orleans, New Orleans, LA (MSN) and (DNP) : Both degrees prepare nurses for leadership roles or Integrated Behavioral Health concentrations.
  8. Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA (MSN) and (DNP) : degree graduates will be able to transform the current healthcare delivery system and design new ones.
  9. Stony Brook University-SUNY, Stony Brook, NY (MSN) and (DNP) :  both degrees carry on-site requirements and are research-centric.
  10. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (MSN) and (DNP):  highly interactive studies led by university faculty and practice focused.
  11. East Carolina University, Greenville, NC (MSN) :  7 specialty areas, including Gerontology and Midwifery are available online and approval is pending on an online DNP.

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