Close the Interview, Don’t Close the Door

Close the Interview Dont Close the DoorYou came to your interview fully prepared…or at least you thought you did.  You researched the facility/clinic/hospital; you practiced answering any and all possible interview questions; you dressed appropriately; and you arrived on time.  You even answered interview questions in a very positive and enthusiastic manner. The process seems to be going well, when the questioner signals its end, by either rising or extending their hand.  This is a crucial point in the interview process and is often underprepared for or completely overlooked.  But it can make all the difference in having a successful outcome.

As you well know, there are often numerous candidates vying for the same Therapy or Nursing position. So how do you close the deal? The first step is perhaps the most obvious, but sometimes the most ignored..actually closing.  You should prepare pre-interviewing a statement that briefly but clearly summarizes at least five skills and assets you will bring to each potential employer.  Then practice, practice, practice your closing statement until the words flow easily and naturally.   Equally important at this stage, is resolving any potential obstacles to your candidacy, and nailing down the next step in the hiring process. Just remember, it is a fine line sometimes between aggressively “tooting your own horn” and leaving a positive lasting impression on a potential boss.

Post interview follow-ups are also essential to any successful closing.  These will include among others:  thank you notes/emails to the interviewer; providing support materials such as references, and acquiring specific contact information. Numerous websites and videos are available to help you learn how to close, but none more effective than your staffing recruiter.  Centra’s recruiters are invested in your career search from initiation of the process to successful hiring.  Call us at 800 535 0076 and let us help you “open doors and close the deal.”

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