Top 10 Gifts to Give a Physical Therapist – 2012

“Move Forward- Physical Therapy Brings Motion to Life”

Top 10 Gifts for a Physical TherapistOctober is National Physical Therapy month, a great time to recognize and reward the important work that PTs do for society.  Centra would like to suggest 10 unique gifts that are sure to please every therapist, including yourself.  These make great presents for this month’s celebration, as well as the holidays!

1.   “Name Games” by Peter Abresch (2008):  Last in a series whose protagonist is an ex-Physical Therapist attending Elderhostels and becoming embroiled in murder mysteries.
2.   “Long May She Reign” by Ellen Emerson White (2007):  Novel about a President’s daughter, her violent kidnapping and subsequent injury, with extensive description of her pain and rehab.
3.   “Warm Springs”  (2005):  Directed by Joseph Sargent and starring Kenneth Branagh and Cynthia Nixon.  How PT returned Franklin Roosevelt’s to public life following polio.
4.   “Hope After The Earthquake: Learning To Walk Again” (2010):  Directed by Joshua Seftel, this short documentary follows PT Claude Hillel, specialist in spinal pathologies, with Project HOPE in Haiti.
5.   “Pediatric Physical Therapy Journal”  (Released 9/25/2012):  IOS App by Wolters Kluwer Health Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.  Download free for yourself and friends.
6.   “cHEPlan” (Released 9/04/2012):  IOS app by CommuniPatient, Inc. Designed for PTs and PTAs to create individualized home exercise plans for their patients. Free but requires a CommuniPatient account to activate to a specific iPad.
7.   Physical Therapy Flip Flops:  Cool design, waterproof sandals in a variety of color combinations.
8.   iPhone 4/4S Case:  Impact resistant shell in pink and brown with Caduceus symbols and PT initials.  Can be personalized.
9.  Doctor Bag Retro Candy Gift Basket:  Treat yourself or a friend to old-fashioned candies like Bit O’ Honey, Wax Lips and Cow Tales.
10.  APTA Association Dues:  Join at the local, state or national level or give a gift to a colleague, friend or new PT.

If you are a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapy Assistant and are looking to give yourself the gift of new challenges and opportunities contact the Centra Team at 800 353 0076.

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