The Heart of It All – Top Rehab Jobs in Ohio

Top Ohio Rehab JobsBound by a Great Lake to the North and a mighty river to its South, Ohio is ideally located as a transportation hub for manufactured goods.  More recently, the state’s service sector has enjoyed rapid growth, with banking, retail, healthcare, and insurance leading the way. Throughout Ohio’s history, agriculture and food processing have remained essential staples of its diverse economy.  Take for example Mansfield -the birthplace of the Klondike Bar, Stewart’s Root Beer and Jones’ Potato Chips. But Ohio’s diversity doesn’t stop there.  This is the state that produced 8 Presidents; the father of modern flight, Orville Wright (Dayton); and the inventor of the pop-top can, Ermal Fraze (Kettering).  Ohio also boasts a thriving wine country whose products can be sampled in Kirtland;  the world’s largest Amish community near Ashland ; the biggest wooden fort ever constructed in Greenville; the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland; and a Frank Lloyd Wright mansion in Springfield.  In short, Ohio’s diversity make it a great place to live and work, and Centra can help you become a Buckeye!

But with all the staffing companies out there why choose Centra?  In short, what makes us different… makes us better.  Our professionalism, integrity, responsiveness and positive personal service are just a few of the core values we bring to every client transaction.  Our cutting edge technology, exclusive positions and staff of industry experts give us the competitive edge needed to ensure you a successful job search tailored to your needs.

Search our Ohio Therapy Jobs today for a rewarding career.

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