Three Resume Format Ideas To Get You Hired

three resume tipsA while back we discussed the “Fifteen Second Rule” when busy hiring managers decide an applicant’s fate after reviewing the top third of their resume in that short amount of time.  Recently in a Society of Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) survey on resumes, cover letters and interviews, HR pros owned up to spending less than 5 minutes reviewing the entire resume.  Either way, your livelihood might just depend on their quick scan of your life’s achievements.  So how do you leave a positive, lasting impression that will get you the job?  One of the best ways is to “tweak” your resume on a regular basis.  Resume formats vary from year to year, and today’s resumes are part of your total branding package. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to follow the CEO’s example.  They must have done something right to achieve the position they now hold – starting with their resume!  Here are some the Top 3 trends in resume formatting and content used by many executives today:

1.  Eye Catchers: Gone are the days of the straight single page, black and white chronological recitation of work experiences and skills. With healthcare HR departments still receiving hundreds of resumes each week, cutting edge design and/or using color on your resume can leave that lasting impression that separates you from the pack. Many CEOs will place personal qualities, skills or achievements they want to emphasize in shaded boxes or set them off in other ways.

2.  Use the Powerpoint Approach:  If you think of your resume as a Powerpoint presentation, you will be better able to condense your experience, abilities and career highlights into one page.  In fact, the first page of your resume should be able to stand alone, with additional pages providing depth and details if and when you get past that initial scan by the HR pro.

3.  Avoid the Shopping List:  That first page, as well as subsequent pages, should place your prior accomplishments in context. Don’t rely on a grocery list of results, but tell the steps you used to reach those results.  If the hiring manager understands the process that led to your successes and how it benefitted other organizations, they are better able to visualize what you might do for theirs.

Healthcare professionals, particularly rehab pros, remain in high demand.  This doesn’t guarantee your job search will be easy or a success.  Without an outstanding resume, you are certain to be overlooked.  But Centra can help!  Resume review is just one of our many services ensuring you put your best foot forward.  Call us today at 800 535 0076 and talk to one of our industry experts and see what makes us as unique as you!

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