Five Resources for Work/Life Balance

five resourcesIn a somewhat surprising and certainly dismaying study conducted by Harvard Business School students from 2008-2013, male business executives overwhelmingly reported that they viewed work/life balance as a “woman’s issue”.  Most of them confess to never feeling bad about choosing work over family obligations, whereas the women execs had a much harder time getting past their emotional guilt. So is this attitude an anomaly unique to the executive levels of business? The answer may lie in how flexible a job is for both genders.  In fact, flexibility ranks as one of the top three factors in job satisfaction in numerous studies of American workers.  Healthcare consistently makes the U.S. News and World Reports’ lists of top jobs, and flexibility is most often cited as one of the reasons why, especially by travel therapy professionals.

But how does flexibility really impact family and social life?  Sometimes you need to hear it from the horses’ mouth.  Here are five resources for the traveler/would-be traveler to answer that and other issues concerning life on the road:

1.  Healthcare Travelbook:  Make social connections with fellow traveler nurses and get useful tips and news about the field.

2.  Trips With Pets: A wealth of info about traveling with your pets, including hotels along a specific route and transportation issues.  They even have travel gear for dogs and cats.

3.  Hobo Health:  Hear what it is really like on the road from married travel PTs and others.

4.  Wand’rly Magazine:  Written by a family that travels for work full-time, it has good insights about maintaining work/life balance and educating your kids.

5.   National Association of Healthcare Travelers:  A members only LinkedIn group for travelers to share their experiences and insights, as well as resources for the travel professional.

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