Solutions Instead of Resolutions: Why Use Our Services?

Solutions Instead of ResolutionsJust like a blue rose, our resolutions often prove to be all too artificial and elusive.  In a  2012 University of Scranton poll, 52% of those surveyed made New Year’s Resolutions, but only 8% successfully kept them.  In an even more shocking admission, over 80% of 871 workers polled by Right Management, had resolved to seek new employment in 2014.  If you are one of those healthcare professionals who didn’t heed our advice that December is a great time to job hunt, then be prepared for the frenzy of the January-February hiring season.  The very beginning of that season is often your best chance to find that perfect employment match, when hiring budgets are intact and qualified candidates may be scarce.  If that Right Management poll is correct, there may be more slots open but more competition for those positions.

One of the most efficient and least stressful ways to handle your job search remains to use a staffing company.  Let Centra’s team of industry experts assist you by doing some of the work for you…whether it is offering resume and interview advice or finding you that perfect match between your professional skills and exclusive career opportunities.  So if you are looking for a exciting and rewarding travel or permanent position in healthcare call us at 800 535 0076, download our mobile app, or go to our website.  We have solutions, not just resolutions, for all your career needs!

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