Patient-Facing Apps – A Growing Trend in Rehab

Patient-Facing AppsIn most cases, you wouldn’t let a licensed plumber repair your shoes or a licensed architect perform your open heart surgery… unless of course they were also a licensed shoemaker or surgeon as well.  So is it any wonder that more and more medical IOS and Android applications are the brainchild of healthcare professionals and not software engineers?  Probably not.  It seems logical for instance that rehab pros would have the knowledge and experience to best construct programs for their field.  There exists a rising trend to produce patient-facing apps that address the transitioning of our healthcare system to a wellness, preventative, client-oriented model, and therapists are in the unique position to best engage patients in their own recovery and health outcomes.

Technology plays an increasingly pervasive role in all our lives, including our medical needs.  However, accessibility to medical histories and information has not necessarily translated into more patient compliance. New patient-facing apps hope to bolster compliance by shifting some of the responsibility for healing back onto the clients, but in ways that are not too burdensome.  The theory is that if a patient understands the consequences of noncompliance and has simple tools to document adherence to a treatment plan, they will have a more successful outcome.  In the age of Obamacare, where good outcomes and client satisfaction equates to monetary rewards for the facility and its staff, there is added incentive to make patients a part of the process.

IOS/Android apps such as KneeDecide and ShoulderDecide can be used to educate and discuss impairments and the efficacy of treatment plans.  Others like hellohealth enable subscribers to access personal health records and communicate concerns directly with their therapist through secure emails.  Still others such as Force Packs are designed to use social media to facilitate compliance.  In our zeal to keep up with client-centered aids, we must remember that Information Technology alone can not heal.  Instead it is still trust building and personal connection, between healer and patient, that ultimately determines therapeutic success.

Centra is a strong advocate for cutting edge technology and uses it to ensure successful employment search outcomes for all our clients.  If you are a PT or PTA call us at 800 535 0076…you can put your trust in us!

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