More Holiday Presents

More Holiday PresentsIf our earlier gift ideas don’t fit the bill or the wallet… here are some other unique ones for that special healthcare professional or for yourself!

  • Keep Germs At Bay:  Post-surgical and medical care related infections are on the rise, as is the use of tech devices in clinical settings.  RidRx has antimicrobial products providing that extra layer of protection for iPads and smartphones.
  • What’s Up Your Sleeve:  Want to protect that iPad even more?  Check out Cafe Press’ Physical Therapy  and Occupational Therapy iPad cases and sleeves, along with their other novelty items designed for each specialty.
  • Massage Cares Away:  Work related musculoskeletal injuries from repetitive manipulations and lifting of patients are prevalent among nurses and therapists.  Treat your favorite nurse/therapist to a massage.  FYI, many local massage therapy schools, including NMTI,  discount services to healthcare professionals, in exchange for invaluable hands-on experience for their students.
  • Time Is Of The Essence:  Watches with second-hands and readable faces are a must have for almost everyone in the health sector.  Check out the specialty specific ones on Advance Healthcare’s Shop.  Want to help your favorite healthcare professional stay fit?  Give them a watch with built-in pedometer from Walmart.
  • And Speaking Of Fitness:  Give the gift of better health to your friends/colleagues just by using FitBit products to track your sleeping and activity habits.  They can even track eating habits with a free downloadable app, compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones.
  • And Speaking of Free…:  Are you or a colleague/friend looking for a new venue to practice your profession?  Help is just a free phone call away…contact the Centra Team at 800 535 0076 today!

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