Learning New Ways of Doing Things on Your Travel Therapist Assignment

As a traveling therapist you should expect to find different hospitals and healthcare facilities you work for have their own protocols. That is to be expected.

We highly recommend that you become familiar with a facility’s procedures and technology when reporting there for the first time. No two facilities are exactly alike, even though you may be comfortable with your skills. It helps to know if your way of doing things matches up with procedures at the new facility you are visiting.

So where do you begin?

One of the most readily available sources is the Internet. There are a host of medical websites for therapists covering a variety of subjects to help you get up to speed on specific topics. If you know in advance that a facility uses a particular piece of equipment or procedure that you are not familiar with, the Internet could put you in the know before reporting for the job.

If you have to report immediately to a new job, then don’t be afraid to ask individuals already on staff at the facility. An orientation is a great time to ask relevant questions and take notes of how things are done. If you feel uncertain about a particular procedure or how to operate a piece of equipment, that is the time to seek assistance. Upgrading your skills is to be expected given the fast pace of advancements in medical technology and rehabilitation techniques. You don’t want to get thrown into a situation with unanswered questions.

Also be prepared for possible changes in terminology and the codes with which you’re familiar. But don’t become overly concerned. Rehab facilities making use of traveling therapists are quite aware that outside personnel are not going to know how things are run at that particular facility.

Traveling therapists occupy a special niche and have to be ready for the special circumstances and challenges regular staff therapists do not have to face. You need to remember to stay confident and inquisitive. Remember, you have the skills; just go out and use them.

If you’d like to use those special skills of yours at speech, physical and occupational therapy rehab centers across the country, give Centra Healthcare Solutions a call. Your skills are much-needed at facilities in cities and towns all over the U.S. and we’d love to speak to you about the opportunities we have. Contact us today!

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