Managing a Family and a Travel Therapist Career

Therapists with families often deny themselves the prospect of considering travel as a key component of their careers. Given the demands of family life, spending time potentially months at a time away from the nest is just not something they can consider.

However, careful planning and the right travel agency can make this a viable alternative to a traditional job at a single location. Travel staffing services serving therapists are well aware that many of their clients have families and are more than willing to try to accommodate them.

Consider some of the options. Many services have assignments within driving distance, thus allowing the therapist the opportunity to remain at home. When distance does become a concern and returning home is not possible, many travel services for therapists will assist the PT, OT or speech therapists in finding an apartment or housing that addresses their particular family needs.

While an apartment is typical of what many travel services provide, therapists likely will have other options to consider. In lieu of an apartment, travel staffing services often provide a housing stipend, giving travel therapists more flexibility in choosing a place to live, such as a larger apartment, condominium or townhouse large enough for a family. These options make it possible to provide more comfortable accommodations for a therapist’s members.

Medical insurance is a growing area of concern for many families in this country. Travel agencies often pay 100% of health insurance premiums for traveling therapists, and also offer great discounts for family plans.

If both spouses are both therapists, then it’s possible to arrange schedules so that one of them is available to the children at all times. Many communities today have facilities and activities designed for families who home-school their children.

Travel therapists are in a good position to have their cake and eat it too. They are in great demand by healthcare facilities across the country. With careful planning therapists can satisfy their desire or need to travel while staying engaged in the career to which they’ve devoted considerable money, education and passion.

Taking your physical, speech or occupational therapy skills on the road to rehabilitation facilities all across the country is a win-win for everyone: You get to see the country and learn new skills while serving patients with your much-needed skills. Contact Centra Healthcare Solutions today!

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