June is “Men’s Health Month”

June is Mens Health Month“Men avoid doctors like the plague.”  That conventional wisdom is supported by a 2007 American Academy of Family Physicians survey where results revealed that 55% of the men surveyed had not seen their family physician for a checkup in a year.  Since many “male” diseases are treatable/curable with early detection, avoiding doctors’ visits should not be encouraged. . One way to change this trend may be to enlist the help of men’s spouses/significant others, since three quarters of the survey participants admitted that they greatly influenced their healthcare choices, .

Men’s Health Month” is a great opportunity to discuss preventative care with the man in your life.  Nagging sometimes works, but more creative methods make it easier to swallow for both sides.  Since laughter is always good for the soul, watching these comedy-dramas together provides an opening for some more serious discussions:

  • Strange Relations (2001):  In this made for TV movie, Paul Reiser is a psychiatrist in need of a bone marrow transplant who discovers he is not who he thought he was.
  • Something’s Gotta Give (2003):  Jack Nicholson as a older man with apenchant for younger women until a heart attack changes everything.
  • Funny People (2009):  An established stand-up comedian, played by Adam Sandler learns to live and without a terminal disease.
  • 50/50 (2011):  Based on a true story. 27 year old Adam (played by Jason Gordon-Levitt) is diagnosed with spinal cancer.  He learns to battle his disease and discover who and what is important to him.
  • Silver Linings Playbook (2012):  Bradley Cooper stars as a man dealing with his bipolar disorder, and not always well.  That is until he meets Jennifer Lawrence as a young widow dealing with her own demons.

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