An App of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Auditing

An App of Prevention is Worth a Pound of AuditingAn IRS audit can strike fear in the hearts of anyone, and traveling healthcare professionals are at an increasingly higher risk of being subjected to one.  A key component of minimizing or avoiding your chances of an audit is keeping track of your expenses.  Here are a few iPad/iPhone apps that can help you stay organized:

  • TripTrax:  Updated March, 2013.  Ability to log travel dates, odometer readings and purpose of trips and then export reports to your email.  Backs up data.  Free.
  • Go! Expense Pro: Updated May, 2013.  Capture unlimited receipts images and create expense reports for each travel assignment.  Can be exported to QuickBooks, Excel etc. $4.99.  (There is a Free version with the ability to purchase Pro level  features separately.)
  • My Scans for Business: Updated May 2013.  Allows travelers to scan and organize contracts as proof of assignments.  Creates searchable PDFs that are searchable and printable.  $.99

As our travel tax guru, Joseph C. Smith notes, the IRS has up to 3 years to audit a return and usually will notify you of a pending audit 2 years into that time frame.  He recommends keeping all supportive documents for up to 6 years, the statute of limitations an IRS audit can remain open.  These apps and others can take some of the stress out of tax season by keeping you well-documented, organized and paper free!

Centra is committed to making every aspect of your travel assignments the best they can be, including tax time!  For great travel opportunities contact us by phone at 800 575 0076, on our website or download our mobile app.

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