Job Opportunity of the Month: “Walking in Memphis”

Job Opportunity of the Month MemphisMemphis derives from the Greek, meaning “Established and Beautiful”, and this city makes every effort to live up to its name.  Like its Egyptian counterpart, Memphis sits on a bluff along the widest edge of a great river… in this case, the Mississippi.  Adding to the beauty of its natural location, is one of the top urban park systems in the U.S. and the city’s recognition as the only national five-time winner of “The Cleanest City” Award.  It also boasts one of the world’s largest artesian well systems, from which in 1887 it began drawing for residential use from its estimated 100 trillion gallons of pure, soft water.

“Home of the Blues and Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll, music is a tightly woven part of the city’s cultural fabric.  The oldest American musicians’ union was founded here, and Memphis is mentioned in no less than a world record 400 songs.   It is also home to Beale Street and Elvis’ Graceland, the second most popular entertainment district and the second most visited private home in the States.  Memphis is site of the first Welcome Wagon, Holiday Inn, Fedex, Greyhound and Continental Trailways bus lines, and Piggly Wiggly self-serve grocery; as well as being the world capital for pork barbecue and Christmas wrapping.  In short, Memphis has much to offer both tourists and residents alike.

“The Bluff City” supports a robust healthcare sector, including two of the country’s largest private hospitals and a leading pediatric treatment and research hospital.  A lower than average cost of living and a good transportation system, including a line of fully restored antique trolleys servicing the historic downtown and riverfront, make for a highly accessible and affordable major city that lives like a small town. Memphis is a great place to work, especially for therapists.  Call Centra Healthcare at 800 575 0076 and let us help you make “The River City”  your new home!

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