DVTs Prevention Tips For Travelers

DVTs Prevention Tips For TravelersWith an estimated 206.2 million travellers expected to fly globally between June and August of 2012, the incidence of travel- related Deep Vein Thromboses (DVTs) may affect as many as 1 million people.  But this silent killer can also occur during long, train, car and bus rides, especially those lasting over 8-10 hours.  Female passengers taking contraceptives, smokers, people over 60, cancer patients and the severely obese are all at higher risk for DVTs and should take extra precautions.

If you are a traveling therapist, or just getting ready for a well-deserved vacation, we have accumulated some suggestions for reducing your risk of DVTs, no matter what your means of transportation:

Studies are inconclusive about the efficacy of starting an aspirin regimen prior to traveling, so we recommend you consult your doctor.   Recognizing the signs of a DVT and getting immediate treatment is essential to heading off potentially fatal pulmonary embolisms.  In legs these include: swelling; warm,red/discolored skin; pain/tenderness; visible surface veins and limb fatigue. These signs must be taken seriously, but otherwise the common sense measures described above will lower your risk for this syndrome.

Centra Healthcare Solutions wishes you a safe and healthy summer, and if you are looking to incorporate travel into your therapy career, contact us at 800 535 0076 and let us place you in the pilot/driver’s seat.

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