Five Cutting Edge Technologies and Techniques for Physical Therapy

The Future Is Here!

Five Cutting Edge Technologies and Techniques for Physical TherapyHere are five cutting edge technologies and techniques that we think will have considerable impact on Physical Therapy well into the future.

  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills:  Developed by a Fremont, CA based company, and based on technology developed at NASA, these machines have been FDA-cleared for use in medical centers, PT clinics, and sports/fitness programs.  An inflatable differential air pressure chamber attached to the treadmill is used to unweight the user’s body.  This allows for earlier onset of rehab and less painful recovery from lower extremity injuries.  Additional applications include:  treatment of neurological and geriatric conditions, aerobic conditioning, and weight loss.
  • i-limb ultra:  Touch Bionics from the U.K., is a global provider of myoelectric and realistic passive silicone prosthetics.  Their latest line, the i-limb ultra more closely emulates natural finger, hand and joint movement.  Since each digit operates independently, grip strength can be varied to improve grasping objects, typing and tying shoelaces.  It is fully customizable by the wearer for daily functions and gestures.
  • ReWalk:  The first upright walking exoskeleton for extended, daily application by patients with lower limb disabilities.  Invented in Israel, the technology enables wheelbound patients to stand, walk and even climb stairs.  The original design for multi-user, intensive locomotion therapy is currently employed at rehab centers and hospitals in Europe and the U.S.A., but a personal use device is due out shortly.
  • Robot Stroke Assessment Tool:  Dr. Sean Dukelow at the University of Calgary, Canada has helped develop a robotic chair for a more precise assessment of upper limb functionality following a stroke.  The jointed “limbs of the chair have sensors to more accurately record sensory data, particularly limb positioning and motor control.  With a better and broader picture of an individual’s functional deficits, a more effective therapeutic plan can be designed and implemented for that patient, ensuring more successful outcomes.
  • Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT):  Developed by PT John Iams of San Diego, CA, this manual technique resets trigger points resulting in immediate reduction of or complete elimination of various types of musculoskeletal pain and enhanced lymphatic flow.  Advanced training is necessary.

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