Five CES Healthcare Innovations Revealed


Some of the most practical and exciting products exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) each year are in the health category, and this year was no exception.  Here are five currently or soon to be on the market innovations revealed at the event held January 6-9 in Las Vegas:

  • Temp Traq:  An infant/child patch for 24/7 monitoring and recording of body temperature, that is great for parent and RNs alike.
  • AIQ: Don’t want frostbite trying to download a client’s therapeutic plan on your smartphone/tablet this winter? Check out these hi tech gloves.
  • ReSound Linx:  Smart hearing aids with Bluetooth connection to a smartphone/tablet for superior sound quality.  SLPs take note!
  • Valedo:  Patient compliance is often an obstacle to recovery.  PTs will find this high tech solution motivational for clients suffering from chronic lower back pain.
  • SingFit:  Developed by a music therapist, this is a great mind/body therapy for Geriatric OTs treating Alzheimer patients.

Find more gadgets, apps and wearables at the CES 2015 website that can be incorporated into your daily activities both personal and professional.  Looking for innovation in your work environment as well?  Let Centra’s industry experts and cutting technologies assist you in meeting all of your career goals.  Download our mobile app today for great opportunities anywhere in the country.

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