2015 Top Nursing and Rehab Jobs in Nebraska

“Nebraska Nice” For Healthcare Professionals

2015 Top Nursing and Rehab Jobs in NebraskaThe Cornhusker State has always defied any quick impressions or generalizations.  Once dubbed “The Great American Desert”, it is in fact mostly verdant soil and the top supplier of the world’s red meat, soybeans and corn. But Nebraska is more than just an agricultural powerhouse.  Crossing the state one can clearly see its two faces, as eastern farmlands give way to western pine forests, canyons and foothills of the Rockies; and as Central Time Zone gives way to Mountain Time.  Triple landlocked, Nebraska is nonetheless blessed with more river miles and more underground water reserves than any other state…not bad for a “desert”.  Nebraska is also the only state that has a unicameral (one house) legislature and it can therefore boast that its politics and politicians are truly nonpartisan.

Nebraska’s small towns and urban centers are unique in their own right, combining Midwestern practicality with Western pioneership. North Platte’s where you can visit both Bailey Yard,the world’s largest rail classification yard and the Buffalo Bill Ranch.  In Valentine you can visit the tallest state waterfall and the post office on February 14th for a special holiday postmark and verse on your mail.  The town of Saint Paul will forever be linked to Baseball Hall of Famer, Grover Cleveland Alexander along with Dorothy Lynch and her famous salad dressing.  At nearby Grand Island you can attend both the Nebraska State Fair and the NLECT, the singular state police training agency. Sidney boasts the state’s highest elevation flagpole, Broken Bow, the state’s largest cattle feedlot, and Scottsbluff, the state’s only lighthouse albeit a mock one.

The two great metropolises, Lincoln and Omaha, have been home to the likes of Willa Cather, Johnny Carson, Dick Cheney, “Larry the Cable Guy”, Warren Buffett, Fred Astaire, Andy Roddick and Paula Zahn.  They share a positive and no nonsense attitude towards working, that factors into why Nebraska ranks in the top 10 of states for general well being of its citizens. Add to that a low cost of living and strong job growth, especially in the healthcare sector and you have a recipe for a great place to live and work!.  Want to be a part of it?  Call the Centra today at 800 535 0076 for  all our great Nebraska employment opportunities!

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