Featured Job: SLP in Fort Worth, Texas

SLP Featured Job of the MonthIt is no wonder Texans are known for their hospitality; their state’s name is derived from a Hasinai Indian word, tejas, meaning allies or friends.  From “Big D” (Dallas) in the north to “SA-Town” (San Antonio) in the south; from the wildflowers and wineries of Hill Country to the hardwood forests and oil rigs of Piney Woods; from birdwatching on the Gulf Coast to stargazing in the Panhandle… Texas is as varied as it is vast.  This is the place where Dr Pepper and Jalapeno Pepper Jelly were invented; the home of the world’s largest rose garden at Tyler and the world’s largest inland port at Laredo; and site of the nation’s first suspension bridge and  its first domed stadium.  In short, Texas has something for everyone and every lifestyle.

With no state income tax , a reduced cost of living and low unemployment rates, Texas is also a great place to work.  Centra Healthcare Solutions has numerous healthcare opportunities available in the state,  including Ft. Worth, “Big D’s” down to earth sister city.  Ft. Worth seamlessly melds Wild West traditions with modern day culture and the arts.  At the Stockyards National Historic District see a live rodeo on weekends, a twice daily cattle drive, or listen to top country performers at the world’s biggest honky-tonk, “Billy Bob’s Texas”.  Then head over to the Cultural District and see why Ft. Worth is “The Museum Capital of the Southwest.”  If you like some fine dining with your art, try out “The Cafe Modern” at the Modern Art Museum, named one of America’s best restaurants by “Gourmet” magazine.  Or if you prefer a more casual atmosphere, Ft. Worth has outstanding and innovative steakhouses, Tex-Mex and barbecue restaurants. Whether you are looking for Western boots, jewelry or furniture; or for designer shoes, clothing and antiques Ft. Worth can satisfy your every shopping need.  Go a round on one of the city’s 23 golf courses,  attend minor/ major league baseball and football games or take in an Indy/Nascar event at the Texas Motor Speedway… Ft. Worth is a sports lover’s dream.

“Everything’s  bigger in Texas” including the employment opportunities.  So if you are interested in a Speech Language Pathology position in Ft. Worth or anywhere else in the state, contact Centra at 800 535 0076 and let us help you make the Lone Star State your temporary or permanent home.

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