2013-2014 Tax Changes and Tips for Travel Therapists and Nurses

Tax Changes and Tips for Travel Therapists and NursesTax filing season which should have begun January 21, 2014 will be delayed this year thanks to the 16 day government shutdown.  The IRS has yet to announce the exact start date, other than to say there will be a push back of approximately 1-2 weeks, but with a backlog of extension filings and other matters, you can be sure that this filing season will be even shorter than last year’s.  The delay allows you to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s before the April 15th deadline for filing…which hasn’t changed.

Here are a few general tips that contract/travel therapists and nurses should take note of:

  1. Lower Mileage Rates:  2014 Standard Milegae Rates will decrease ½¢from 2013 rates to 56¢/mile for business miles and 23.5¢/mile for moving or medical miles.  Miles driven while in service to a charitable organization will remain at 14¢/mile.
  2. The W-2s Are Coming:  There is no change in the January 31, 2014 due date for mailing out employee W-2s.  But since states are looking for any forms of new revenue, they are pursuing residency assessments.  Our tax guru, Joseph C. Smith, advises making sure that all your employers have a consistent mailing address for you.
  3. Pennsylvania Says No:  In a similar bid for additional tax revenue, PA no longer accepts Federal per diem rates as employee expenses/deductions.  If your tax home is here you will likely pay $100-300 more in taxes this year. Check out this site for 2013 and 2014 per diem rates by state.
  4. Send Those Donations:  Remember that checks mailed on December 31, 2013 to various charities can be applied to your 2013 returns reducing your taxes. Deductions for professional memberships vary state to state, so review association websites before including.
  5. When In Doubt Ask For Help:  Until tax reform is a reality and no longer just a talking point, it is best to get advice from people in the know.  The team of industry experts at Centra works with TravelTax to provide you with the best answers to all your tax needs.

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