Your Mobile Resume Could Be Key to A New Healthcare Job

FiveAppsforCardiacCareOTWe live in an increasingly technological and fast-paced world as you may have noticed.  Mobile tech usage has grown exponentially, crossing all economic and geographical boundaries to connect us in ways unimaginable a few decades ago.  We are no longer chained to desktops for the latest news or to conduct our personal lives. Today’s and future generations are/will be born with “digital spoons” in their mouths… unable to comprehend a world without such rapid connectivity.  As a result businesses are becoming more agile and more adaptive to the new reality, including streamlining their employment practices.  Research indicates that many hiring managers invest all of six seconds perusing a resume before formulating their opinion on a candidate’s viability for a position. For the candidate this means finding a way to stand out from the pack in a more condensed format.  

Smartphone/tablet versions of CVs are therefore simpler in both form and content, and should include hyperlinks to essential contact information, such as phone and email, so as to conserve valuable space.  Larger sized fonts that sharply contrast with backgrounds present a more visually pleasing package on the smaller screen.  It is essential to test delivery across a variety of platforms to weed out glitches.   Pocket Resume can help with their one-stop shop for uploading existing resumes to IOS, Android or Blackberry devices, as well as user-friendly interfaces for creating, modifying and sharing professional looking Pdf documents.  Apps, like Google Cloud Print, make it simple to retrieve hard copies, on those increasingly rare occasions when you need one. But as more businesses, including healthcare become more digitalized, mobile resumes may become the accepted norm in recruiting.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that, from 2014-2024, healthcare will add the most jobs of any sector of the economy. But with increased demand comes increased competition for the best jobs.  Mobile resumes may speed up the process, but they can’t guarantee you’ll go to the top of the list.  For that you still need the industry experts at Centra.  Contact one of our Centurions today at 800 535 0076!

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