Why Use A Healthcare Staffing Company?

why use a healthcare staffing company It seems simple enough. As a PT, OT or SLP you know your skills are in high demand. So all you have to do is email or fax your resume to the numerous online and print postings of open positions, and wait for the offers to come pouring in. Right? Well not exactly! Gone are the days when employers could sift through candidates on their own, review each resume, and find “perfect fits” for each company. Instead, many industries, healthcare included, are turning to professional staffing companies to do that work for them and in the end, present them with a short list of potential employees. After building strong and trustworthy relationships with their employer clientele, staffing firms are usually privy to advance notice of openings and given exclusivity to fill those slots.

Employer use of staffing services likewise benefits you, the job seeker. Upon completing the staffing process, you have peace of mind knowing that you are a “perfect fit” for the job, and part of a limited pool of competitors for a position. Advance notice of exclusive openings means you have a leg up on those relying solely on Internet postings and job boards. The staffing professional is your consultant for all phases of the process, from review and revision of your resume to interview techniques and tips. They have a vested interest in your successful employment search, including which opportunities best suit your career path. If you don’t find interest and fulfillment in a job then it reflects poorly on their skills as a “matchmaker”.

So what should you look for in a healthcare staffing company? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Professionalism and integrity from first contact to follow-up post-employment
  • Honest and realistic assessment of your goals and prospects at every stage
  • Responsiveness and efficiency in understanding and meeting your needs
  • Advanced technology with real-time and exclusive employment opportunities
  • Expert consultants with broad nationwide healthcare industry experience

The Centra Team believes that using our staffing service can make a significant difference in the quality and ease of your job search. Call one of our skilled, professional consultants at 800 535 0076 and let us help you successfully navigate the ins and outs of the employment process.

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