Why the “Right” Healthcare Career Move Might Be A Travel One

choosing a travel careerIn a recent LinkedIn post, James Citrin ,CEO Practice at Spencer Stuart, sets out a quandary faced by job seekers in almost every field…  “Should you look for the right job or the right company?”  The “right job” is defined as one that compensates you handsomely for meaningful work with opportunities to advance, and the “right” company is one with a stellar reputation and name recognition.  The new and seasoned business professionals he surveyed saw  the “right job” as paramount when just starting out, but later on in a career both the right job and the right employer had equal importance.  Citrin himself believes that the right company makes all the difference early on, even if landing a position with a “blue chip” company isn’t always easy and may require great effort to distinguish yourself from the pack.  Dee Leopold, Managing Director MBA admissions at Harvard Business School of Business, says that a candidate’s “voice” (diverse viewpoints one brings to the classroom), and “personal qualities”,  are the key components besides intelligence in deciding who gets into this prestigious program.

Prevailing wisdom is that all healthcare professionals possess a particular set of “personal qualities” –  at the heart of which is caring for others.  It is also assumed that the increased demand for healthcare professionals means everyone has equal access to employment at the “right facilities”. But it is not so simple, as some new grads may have found out already.  Even though newly insured from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and aging Baby Boomers have begun to flood services, facilities are still concentrating on recruitment and retention of more experienced healthcare workers, in part to avoid costly and time-consuming training programs.  Travel/contract/temp positions remain the best venues for pros to acquire experience in a variety of healthcare settings and specialties that can then be leveraged into permanent positions at top hospitals and clinics if they so desire.  In short, working as a travel healthcare professional can help you find and solidify your “voice” and help you land the “right job” with the “right company”!

Using a staffing agency can expedite the travel employment process and open windows of opportunity not necessarily in the public domain.  Centra’s staff of industry experts use cutting edge technology and a corps of exclusive employer relationships  to help you find the “right job” with the “right company” whether you are just starting on your career path or a seasoned veteran.  Call us at 800 535 0076  to find out how!

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