Why PT New Grads Should Travel

Why New PT Grads should travelYou just graduated with your degree in Physical Therapy….now what?  How do you acquire experience, hone your skills and pay down any education loans you may have acquired along the way?  One way is through temporary/contract/travel jobs.  These positions are particularly well-suited for PTs at the start of their careers for many reasons.  Short-term assignments, generally 13 weeks, expose new graduates to a variety of clinical environments and professional techniques that they might not experience in a traditional, long-term contract.  You are able to more quickly acquire new skills and knowledge which builds your resume, with none of the stigma attached to other types of intermittent work.

With travel contracts, you are in control of your career.  You decide where you want to go, when to take a break from working, and which types of work to pursue.  You can take time between jobs to vacation, take a class, or use the time to adjust to your new place of residence. Compensation for these positions is higher, so you can pay down those student loans quicker or take that vacation! Travel therapists enjoy additional benefits such as:  health insurance coverage, 401k, housing accommodations, continuing education/licensure reimbursements, mileage reimbursement, completion bonuses and much more, all while exploring different parts of the country.

Centra loves new graduates!  We are committed to making your first steps in this profession the best they can be!  Call us at 800 535 0076 and let us put you on the path to an exciting and rewarding career as a Travel Physical Therapist.

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