Where Do Rehab Therapists Work?

Rehabilitation therapists work in a variety of settings, often dictated by what kind of rehab therapy they do.

A rehab therapist is someone who has been trained to assist people who are recovering from illness or trauma that can be emotional, physical or psychological in nature. The therapist works primarily to help his or her patient function as normally as possible.

If you work as a rehabilitation therapist you could find yourself working in a hospital, mental health facility, clinic, a government or federal agency. Some law firms and insurance adjusting companies also hire rehab therapists

Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists are all types of rehabilitation therapists.

Physical therapists help people develop, maintain or restore the ability to move and function in their day-to-day lives. They often work with people who have their mobility compromised because of aging, injury or disease. As a PT, you could work with seniors who have balance problems, someone who had several leg fractures due to a skiing accident, and so on.

As a PT you could work in an outpatient office or clinic, a skilled nursing facility, an extended care facility, an inpatient rehab facility, a hospice, a school, a fitness center or sports training facility, even in a factory.

An occupational therapist (OT) is somewhat similar to a physical therapist, but focuses more on daily activities (mostly self-care, such as dressing oneself or brushing teeth, etc.). Many OTs work with people who have suffered trauma or injury to the brain.

OTs can work in schools with children, in acute care hospitals, in home health facilities, nursing homes and assisted living centers — many of the same sites as PTs.

Speech therapists help people with a variety of voice, speech and language disorders. They often work with people who have inappropriate pitch, who stutter, who have fluency and rhythm disfunction or other problems. Speech disorders often are related to neurological, psychological and physical conditions, so if you’re a speech therapist you’ll often find yourself working in a team with a neurologist and psychiatrist.

Speech therapists work in many of the same settings as PTs and OTs.

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