What Can Disney Teach Healthcare?

What can disney teach healthcareWe are all familiar with the old adage – “The Customer is Always Right”.  This principle has implications far beyond the business community.  One of the major goals of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to move healthcare towards a preventative and patient-centered care delivery system. Healthcare clients are no different than retail shoppers. They want to feel they have gotten value for their dollar, a satisfactory outcome to their experience and exceptional service from the provider.  Reaching that goal in healthcare  will be slow and encounter a few obstacles, but it is not an insurmountable task. Mostly, it will require a deep change of mindset and focus from all…and that is where healthcare can learn from Disney. 

The Walt Disney Company employee training program, Disney University, is designed to pass along the traditions and culture that makes Disney unequaled in its field. It centers on  the following core principles:

  • Customers not profits – Disney employees learn from Day 1 that their focus start with the guest and not the paycheck. Sharing a common focus instills pride in being part of a team no matter what the role, and profits follow as a result.
  • Exceed guest expectations – Disney employs a  program to create “Magic Moments”.  Every employee takes 5 minutes each day providing some personalized guest service, including on the spot resolutions of any problems guest encounter .
  • Anticipate evolving needs – Disney makes a conscious effort to market and increase services to accommodate every stage of life, from babies to grandparents, individuals to families.

If healthcare viewed patients as “paying consultants”, a la Disney, every interaction would be less about technique and more about feedback for services rendered . Following up beyond the therapy session/ consultation, will encourage compliance, increase treatment value and ultimately result in more successful outcomes. Anticipating lifecycle and lifestyle changes and providing the tools to manage/defer those, results in fewer health emergencies and hospital stays.  It brings health care back to what is should be…improving quality of life at every age.  The growing number of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) is evidence that the preventative patient-centered approach is a win-win situation  for both patients and clinician, and that we are moving however slowly away from treating disease to treating populations.

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