Top Ten Occupational Therapy Programs

Top 10 OT ProgramsIt’s April and Occupational Therapy Month!  In honor of that, we are listing U.S. News and World Report’s top 10 OT graduate schools.  Rankings reflect 156 AOTA certified  programs nationwide and are based on peer assessment surveys collected in 2012 which were sent to deans, administrators and faculty members of those institutions.  As a caveat to the methodology, we have listed the date for AOTA on site evaluation of continuing accreditation as well.

#1 University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA  (2013/2014)

#2 Boston University (Sargent), Boston MA (2021/2022)

#2 Washington University, St. Louis MO (2014/2015)

#4 University of Illinois, Chicago IL (2014/2015)

#5 University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City KS (2013/2014)

#6 Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO (2021/2022)

#6 Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia PA (2015/2016)

#6 Tufts University-Boston School of OT, Medford MA (2014/2015)

#6 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA (2014/2015)

#10 New York University, New York NY (2014/2015)

#10 University of Florida, Gainesville FL (2021/2022)

#10 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC (2020/2021)

Did your university program make it into the top 10?  If not see the full list here.  If you are an OT who graduated from one of these fine institutions or others and are looking for great jobs nationwide contact us at 800 535 0076 or download our mobile app for the Centra list of opportunities!

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