Top Speech Therapy Jobs in Indiana

SLPs Wanted at “The Crossroads of America”…Indiana!

Top Speech Therapy Jobs in IndianaIt is said that “all roads lead to Rome”, but in the history of the U.S…”all roads lead through Indiana”.  In fact, Indiana boasts more interstate miles per square mile than any other state. The state’s history as a transportation hub includes over 24,000 river miles and over 4,200 miles of train tracks. In the early 20th century Indiana also produced more than 200 makes of automobiles. It should come as no surprise therefore that Indiana can claim the only man-made whitewater raceway in North America, and is the site of the first U.S. long-distance auto race…AKA The Indy 500. Although not at heyday levels, automobiles remain the backbone of the state’s industrial/manufacturing base. Locating industries that rely on highly skilled workers in non-metro areas, has also helped Indiana weather the recent downturn in the national economy. The healthcare sector continues to enjoy steady growth with higher than national average wages, making it a great place for Speech Language Pathologists to live and work!

In mid-sized town Connersville, once known as “Little Detroit”, healthcare now takes center stage. It boasts a Regional Hospital of excellence and five star rehab centers and senior care facilities, set among gently rolling hills and woodlands lining the west fork of the scenic Whitewater River.  In August, this bucolic setting plays host to one of the state’s largest free county fairs.  If you enjoy the inherent friendliness of small town living, North Manchester and its iconic covered bridge will surely fit the bill.  Or try one of Mrs. Wicks’ world famous Sugar Cream pies and the world’s fastest ½ mile race track  in the growing community of Winchester.   Want to enhance your education while still living and working in these small towns?  Pursue an SLP advanced degree online at consistently top-ranked Purdue or Indiana University-Bloomington. At the true crossroads of state lies its capital, Indianapolis, a cultural mecca with a distinctly Midwestern sensibility and attention to enhancing liveability for all its residents.

Whether you are looking for a new and challenging permanent or contract position, contact Centra today to take advantage of all the great opportunities we have in The Hoosier State and across the nation!

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