Top Rehab and Nursing Jobs in Oklahoma

You’ll Be Ok as a Healthcare Pro in OK

Top Rehab and Nursing Jobs in OklahomaAfter inspiring an award-winning musical and film, Oklahoma continues to inspire with its geographic, economic and cultural diversity. It has more than 10 distinct ecoregions and its economic focus on gas and oil has expanded to make it an energy, agricultural, telecommunications and biotechnology powerhouse.  The six “countries” that make up the state each bring their distinct topography and flavor to it. The Northwest’s towering red mesas and sand dunes seem more reminiscent of the landscapes of Arizona or the Sahara. South Central and Southeast Oklahoma, on the other hand, are lands of flowing waters and lush forests. Draped across it like a pageant queen’s sash are the tall and short-grass prairies of the Great Plains.  Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in North Central OK is the world’s largest such protected area with 39,000 acres.  Tulsa and the capital, Oklahoma City showcase all the cultural variety that cosmopolitan living has to offer while maintaining an air of Southern comfort and Western charm.

Choctaw for “red people” (okla humma), Oklahoma’s history is inextricably tied to the more than 67 Native American nations that have called it home, and whose cultural traditions and languages are preserved and protected to this day. Visit  Ponca City and its impressive 22’ statue of Chief Standing Bear, who in 1879 successfully argued before the courts that Native Americans were due the same rights as white men under the law. For cowboy culture visit Guymon, and attend the “Pioneer Days Rodeo”, fifth largest outdoor rodeo with the 10th largest prize money. Once the winter haven for circuses, Hugo’s Mt. Olivet Cemetery features the unique headstones of performers and owners, as well as the second largest herd of Asian elephants in America.  Architecture devotees can see Frank Lloyd Wright’s only completed skyscraper in Bartlesville, the impressive Scottish Rite Masonic Temple  in McAlester, and the art deco Mattie Beal Home in Lawton.

Oklahoma has much to offer the visitor… it has even more to offer healthcare professionals!  The state predicts that technological advances and a graying of its population will result in the creation of twice as many healthcare jobs compared to education jobs, particularly in ambulatory health services.  Want to see what being an “Okie from Muskogee” really means?  Contact Centra at 800 535 0076 or download our mobile app today!

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