Tips on Preventing Interview Fatigue

Singing the Interview Blues???

Tips on Preventing Interview FatigueSo you researched, prepared and rehearsed for that perfect job.   You gave clear, concise answers to all the questions, smiled just at the right moments and left after firmly shaking hands with your potential employer.  You get in your car, drive home, still excited by the prospect of a new job.  After a few hours or a few days you are suddenly hit by an enormous sense of fatigue. Sound familiar? No, it is not a figment of your imagination… and yes, you are not alone in your misery. Anecdotal evidence abounds that this phenomenon is more widespread than we suspect.

The truth is that post-interview fatigue can manifest both emotionally and physically. It has a variety of root causes, sometimes even multiple causes.  So we gathered a few helpful hints to reduce or even eliminate any letdowns when auditioning for your next employment position.

  • Fuel Up:  Feed your body nutrient rich foods such as eggs, salmon, bran cereal, beans, leafy greens, walnuts and citrus fruits, pre-and post-interview to curb blood sugar spikes and boost energy. Avoid greasy, heavy meals and stick to lighter fare, especially if traveling. Mom was right when she made you eat a good breakfast before school!
  • Hydrate:  A Tufts University study revealed a correlation between dehydration and cognitive thinking and mood.  A loss of  just 1% body water can muddle your thought process and bring on body fatigue.  While water is the best hydrator, drinking a cup of coffee can help you stay alert and focused before any early morning meeting.  Don’t drink java after 4 pm or you’ll be up all night!
  • Get Some Shut-eye:  A good night’s sleep before a big day is essential.  Research suggests that 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is what most people require for peak performance. Can’t sleep?  Try soothing aromatherapy oil baths, sleepytime teas, meditation and deep-breathing techniques, or fall asleep to quiet music.
  • Change Focus:  One of the best tricks for avoiding fatigue is shifting from purely mental to physical activities.  Exercise, be it an intense workout or a simple walk in the park, raises mood-enhancing serotonin levels and distracts from replaying the events of the day.  Engaging in any activity you enjoy, not directly connected to the interview process, works to restore the body’s balance.
  • Let It Go:  View each interview as a way to share your skills and experiences, make new connections,  – not as a chore.  These are opportunities to get your brand out there and build confidence – remember, “practice makes perfect”! Achieve closure by sending follow-up thank you e-mails and/or writing your post-interview thoughts and analysis in a journal for future use.

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