Tips For Traveling With Your Pets

Tips for traveling with your petsAre you considering a new contract or permanent position?  A lot of planning and thought goes into any relocation decision; family may be consulted and their input could determine the outcome.  But there are family members who have little to say about the process, and yet deserve equal consideration of their needs…. they are your pets.  Traveling with your pet requires some simple safety, health and logistical planning so that everyone enjoys the journey!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pre-plan The Route:  Traveling by car, map out the roads, plan frequent rest stops, and reserve pet friendly hotels along the way. Traveling by plane, book direct non-peak flights, and book early as some airlines limit the number of pets allowed. Always travel on the same flight as your pet, flying mornings and early evenings in summer, and midday in winter to ensure safe temperatures for your pet, especially when traveling in the baggage hold.
  • Select the Proper Restraint:  The right size and type of carrier when flying and the right seat belt, travel kennel or pet car seat when driving are of utmost importance.  Check with each specific airlines concerning their pet policies.  In general, carriers must have enough room for your pet to stand, sit and turn around with ease.  Pet car seat belts are a much overlooked necessity, preventing injury to animals and accidents from distracted drivers.
  • Acclimate Your Pet:  Take short drives with your animals in their carrier/restraints to familiarize them with the equipment before the actual trip.  Calm pre-travel jitters, with long walks, runs or exercise to induce sleep while traveling.  Prior to the trip, build scent association by rubbing perfumed oil, especially lavender, on your hands during play.   A small amount of this oil can then be placed in the carrier or car for the travel and it  will have a calming effect on your pet.
  • Prepare Documentation and Identification:   Make sure vaccinations are current and have a wellness check-up by the vet before travelling.  A certificate of health dated 10 days before departure and an up to date rabies vaccination are required whenever crossing state lines.  In addition to permanent I.D. tags, attach a temporary I.D. to pets’ collars with your contact information and your new address.  Have at least one photo of your pet available in case of a mishap.
  • Keep All Pet Essentials Accessible:  Pack an ample supply of your dog/cat’s food and a good supply of water in the car.  Avoid switching brands during your trip.  Pack other essentials, including collapsible food and water bowls, toys, medications and leashes, in a separate bag.  Do not feed your pet for 4-6 hours before a flight, but do give them small amounts of water. Secure a collapsible bowl with some ice cubes to the carrier. Keep leashes with you when flying, not with your pet.

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