Things to Consider Before a Healthcare Career Change

Consider This

Many factors come into play when making a career change or landing your first job.  Obviously increased satisfaction and financial advantages play major roles in that decision-making process, but so do your personal circumstances, such as marital status and family dynamics.  Changing jobs sometimes has to take a backseat to a developing relationship, allowing children to finish out a school year, or the need to care for elderly relatives. You may consider other issues as well, such as current/future skill sets, employment benefits and job location.  In some cases, even employers’ general recruitment cycles can affect the outcome of your search.

What are recruitment cycles?  These are the peak times for employment in a particular field.  For many industries, these tend to be the months of September-October and January-February. Contacting potential employers during these cycles may be the key to a successful hire.  During those months demand generally outweighs supply; something to take advantage of, especially when you are more mobile. If you are reentering the workforce, slow recruitment months like December or July can actually work in your favor.  Employers and staffing companies then have the “breathing room” to consider those with nontraditional career paths.

Although healthcare has been somewhat immune to the hiring fluctuations of other industries, a unique trend is the upswing in seasonal employment.  In a recent article in the “Naples News”, Victoria Macchi noted a tendency for some hospitals to add to their permanent staff during the winter months.  Warm weather states, such as Florida and Arizona, must find solutions for an increase in the demand for services when “snowbirds” swell the ranks of their populations.  These longer term contract positions offer the benefits of permanent placement ,with the flexibility to return to your home base once the season is over.

Whether you are a CHT, PT, PTA, OT, COTA, RN, SLP, or Rehabilitation Manager, the team at Centra can help you find your next contract or permanent position.  Call us at  800 535 0076 and we will make your employment process a smooth and rewarding experience from start to finish.

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