Ten Gift Ideas For Your Favorite SLP

Ten Gift Ideas For Your Favorite SLP

For “Better Speech and Hearing Month” #89 we have accumulated a list of 10 unique gifts to show your favorite SLP (or yourself) how much you value what they (you) do.

  1. Sounds Like An SLP:  A stylish way to display professional pride on any wall.
  2. Take Your Breath Away:  Chocolate that says they leave you breathless.
  3. Small Steps, Big Gains:  Donate in their name bringing therapy to the neediest.
  4. “Let Them Eat”…Cookies:  Personalized for one or a whole office of SLPs.
  5. Getting Down To Business:  No explanations needed with this business card.
  6. Membership Has Its Rewards: Give the gift of professionalism.
  7. How Was Your Day?: Wine can be therapeutic for the therapist.
  8. The Brains Behind The Operation: A subtle way to show them they’re smart.
  9. Outside is The New Inside: Underwrite a one of kind workshop experience.
  10. Make Their DayRefer them to Centra for great career opportunities.


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