Manager of Recruiting Services

Rachel Phillips joined Centra Healthcare Solutions in October 2021 as a Recruiting Assistant. After achieving her annual goal, in just 6 months, she earned her current role of Manager of Recruiting Services. In this position, Rachel is responsible for the development and growth of the Recruiting Assistants team.

Prior to joining Centra, Rachel worked various positions but always grew into a management position in a short period of time. She began her career at GameStop, as a Team Member, and after hitting sales goals and showcasing going above and beyond for customers she was later promoted to a Store Manager. Her next career move was working at the Westin Fort Lauderdale where she worked for 5 years before beginning at Centra. Her career at Westin started as a Front Desk Agent and after 6 months she was promoted to a Front Desk Supervisor. One year later she was promoted to Group Rooms Coordinator. As the Group Rooms Coordinator, she was responsible for organizing and managing multiple events including but not limited to sports teams and musicians. When the company was purchased by Marriott they extended her opportunity by asking her to run 2 hotels and their events simultaneously.

Rachel has a bubbly personality, she’s a go-getter and loves to do whatever she can to help not only herself but also her team and those that Centra services.

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