Six Healthcare Innovations To Watch For

six healthcare innovationsInnovations in the field of rehabilitation are arriving at a breathtaking speed.  Whether therapeutic treatments, assistive software,  or medical equipment and technologies, the face of rehab as we know it is being shaped by veteran and young innovators – some still in their teens!  Some of these designs show sophistication beyond the years of their inventors while others are simpler resolutions of everyday living challenges faced by disabled populations. Here are a few of our picks of what may soon be available in your clinic or hospital.

  1. Better Walk: 3D printed customized crutches that minimize wrist and underarm pain associated with conventional type equipment.
  2. Stratoscientific:  A stethoscope smartphone case, again 3D printed, whose app is capable of funneling heartbeat sounds directly to the phone’s speakers for instant and clear detection of abnormalities.
  3. Neurometrix:  The company has just received FDA clearance for its OTC wearable device for chronic pain in the lower legs and feet.  The device is expected to be available commercially by next year.
  4. Wannarock:  An industrial designer’s award winning solution for the wheelchair bound who desire or need the calming effect of a rocking chair’s motion.
  5. Pufferfish Software:  Apps for autistic children to help with the challenges of daily living including establishing routines and better communication.
  6. Neurobridge:  A technology that bypasses damaged neurological pathways, allowing paralyzed patients the ability to regain control of their limbs.  The patient’s brain in effect communicates directly with his/her muscles.

Do you know of any unique and promising rehab inventions?  Centra is all ears!  Comment on our Facebook page.  Or if you are a rehab professional seeking innovative opportunities for career advancement and growth, contact one of our industry experts at 800 535 0076, and let us show you how our cutting edge technology can work for you.

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