Should Chromotherapy Be A Part of Your PT Toolbox?

chromotherapyColors are an essential tool of ad campaigns and visuals for every retail store and business out there.  Marketers know that the little black dress/men’s suit convey power and luxury to their target audience of impulse buyers.  On the other hand, red is often used for clearance sales because it creates a sense of urgency and is energizing.  Despite an abundance of anecdotal evidence, scientific research has yet to prove age-old claims by chromotherapists that different colors heal different conditions.  Chromotherapy is not be confused with light therapy, which uses light for various sleep, skin and mood disorders and  is accepted medical practice.  However, more empirical studies might just prove what admen and practitioners of ayurvedic medicine have long believed…color can influence human behavior and heal what ails you.

So what are the healing properties of color with implications for physical therapy, at least according to chromotherapy?

  • Red:  Energizes the heart, stimulates blood circulation and heightens low blood pressure.
  • Orange:  Stimulates the lungs and respiration and relieves muscles cramps and spasms.
  • Yellow:  Strengthens nerves and energizes muscles.  Aids scarred tissue to heal and dark yellow soothes shooting pains.
  • Green:  Builds muscles, bones and tissues and strengthens the nervous system.
  • Blue:  Lowers blood pressure and calms inflammations.
  • Purple:  Decreases sensitivity to pain and increases immunity.
  • White:  Viewed as the most harmonic color resulting in the fastest healing.

Beyond studies that show a relationship between the colors healthcare professionals wear and their patients’ acceptance of their care, how can physical therapists incorporate chromotherapy into their practice?  Should our therapeutic equipment and work environment adopt some of the principles of complementary medicine alongside evidence-based practice?  Centra would love to hear what you think on our Facebook page.  Don’t forget, Centra has great employment opportunities for PTs and PTAs across the country…so call us at 800 535 0076 today!

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