Why Working as a Travel Therapist Can be a Great Answer to Job Burnout

You undoubtedly became a therapist because you love the work. Good for you! Unfortunately there comes a time when even the best of jobs can be stressful and lose much of the appeal they once held.

However there is hope consider becoming a traveling therapist.

The good news for occupational, physical and speech therapists is that there is a great demand for those willing to take temporary assignments at a variety of locations. This is an opportunity to visit a rehabilitation facility in the summer and on in a popular ski resort in the winter.

The current shortage of therapists is not likely to improve over the short haul as hospitals, clinics, nursing care facilities and other providers try to fill vacancies.

Traveling therapists get to choose when and where they want to work.  They can stay close to home or venture to distant locations. The majority of assignments tend to last from three to six months, although a year-long assignment also is possible.

This is highly attractive to those therapists who want to experience the kinds of care given in top-notch hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment. And the odds increase that a therapist will be exposed to and learn new techniques just because he or she will be serving at a variety of facilities, with different patient populations, different equipment and different levels of expertise within the rehab facility’s staff.

Conversely, a therapist can work in an inner city or remote rural location where his or her skills may be greatly needed and appreciated by patients not accustomed to quality medical services. These different kinds of experiences could well be the prescription a rehab therapist needs to ease the stress in his or her career.

And don’t discount the possibility of finding a perfect match at some point and having that facility make an attractive offer that you cannot refuse. You actually could find yourself in a better career position.

Another plus is salary. Expect to earn 20 percent or more than your current earnings.  In addition, many therapist placement services provide nicely furnished apartments or generous stipends if you prefer find your own living quarters.

Other perks include health insurance, dental insurance, 401K plans, travel expenses, bonuses and other amenities.

Also consider that as a traveling therapist you are not involved in much of the bureaucratic red tape required of a permanent staff member. That alone can be a great stress reliever.

While not a cure-all for every therapist feeling the stress of his or her job, taking your therapy skills on the road could well be the right prescription to reviving your passion for your chosen career.

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