Rehab Professionals: How to get your MOJO back

If it hasn’t already happened, it eventually will. It effects every professional from entry-level to the executives in any industry. I’m talking about that burnout feeling that many care-giving professionals, such as those that are in rehabilitation are prone to. There may be numerous factors at play, but feeling like you are starring as the lead role in Ground Hog’s Day€ can surely leave you depressed. So how do you get back that MOJO that helped ignite the fire so early on? Luckily, The outlook for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology is great for the next 10 years with more than 20% growth. These disciplines offer us the flexibility and afford us the opportunity to make slight adjustments that could make all the difference.

Break Away from the Monotonous

We are creatures of habit and rightly so, finding comfort in it. Eventually, that comfort lends itself to  monotony and even worse, boredom. Sometimes you have to shock the bland with something exciting. If you have the resources and time (or maybe even limited responsibility), we recommend a change of scenery. Travel jobs and contract roles help create a new sense of self by offering a quick change of scenery in the location of your choosing. Having a full career in one setting like homecare or outpatient could leave you lacking.  Instead, try a role in acute care or inpatient therapy. Often times, these roles pay more than the norm and you can utilize an agency like Centra Healthcare Solutions to handle everything from start to finish.

Pay it Forward

We spend our lives working to earn a paycheck and no matter how much we work and how much we earn we still find ourselves in this pickle. Try giving back to the community. It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose. Look into volunteering for a purpose or offering your services to those in need, at no charge, for one day. Teach a little league team or a gymnastics group how to properly stretch to avoid injuries. You can also get involved at a local house of knowledge or worship to impart some of your experiences for the betterment of society, which usually invokes a sense of humility followed by a smile.

Teach or Become the Teacher

Experience is forged through time. However, teaching a youthful peer your experiences can help them matriculate through a long career more smoothly. Feel free to impart your knowledge on the youth of the rehab industry. During that time, it’s possible that the teacher can become the student and be rewarded with even more knowledge and experiences. Your younger counterparts may be able to connect you to the digital revolution or even help you optimize your daily tasks.

They never talked about this feeling in school, when you wake up in the morning dreading the day that lies ahead. By breaking the monotony, paying it forward in your community, and learning from and/ or teaching your younger peers it is possible to find that fire again. If you are a PT, PTA, OT, COTA or SLP looking to get your MOJO back with a new career path contact our Strategic Search Consultants Today.

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